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The Day After…

Did you experience Election Day let down or excitement? What stood out to you as you watched the election returns? Plus, Mike and Ben debate if God really does determine the outcome of Presidential Elections (see Daniel 2:21). Plus, more bad dad jokes and fun coffee talk.

NOTE: We’re sorry that the video for YouTube failed us this week. We hope to have it back for the next episode. 

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Episode 124    |    42 min

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Welcome to The Thinking Cup

We want to welcome you on an audible journey exploring relevant topics, challenging questions, and current events that relate to the Bible.  This isn't your normal Bible conversation.  This is one that will ask the difficult questions and maybe even come to a...

Election Panic: The Fight For Your Vote

With the POTUS election less than a week away, we’re talking about the balance of power in Washington, and we’re making predictions about what we think will happen with the election. Who will win? How soon will we know? What will it take for either candidate to...

Reflections on the SCOTUS hearings

Should POTUS have nominated Amy Coney Barrett so close to the election? We discuss the qualifications and concerns. Perhaps the most interesting point to discuss is the impact of a conservative court and religious liberty. Plus, Dad jokes, coffee talk. THE THINKING...

About the Hosts 

Each week we hope to share a thoughtful moment considering today’s culture and challenging topics from a Biblical perspective. It’s not just another hot-take about a passing hashtag, its honest and transparent conversation with unique perspectives and a little dose of humor.

Mike Colburn

Mike Colburn


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Benjamin Orian


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