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What do we mean when we say something is right or wrong? Who determines what is right or what is wrong? Is there such a thing as absolute truth? Mike and Ben discuss how the truth has been minimized to individuals in this engaging conversation on moral relativism.

Episode 110    |    48 min

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Welcome to The Thinking Cup

We want to welcome you on an audible journey exploring relevant topics, challenging questions, and current events that relate to the Bible.  This isn't your normal Bible conversation.  This is one that will ask the difficult questions and maybe even come to a...


Why is it so hard to talk about Racism? How can we stop racism? Do the pictures we all saw in the church as kids, of a white Savior, affect racism? Mike and Ben welcome guest Randy Maxwell in this engaging conversation.

Darn Awesome Dad

Every dad likes to tell bad dad jokes. In this special Father’s Day Edition, Mike and Ben welcome Guest Marcus Mullins to talk parenting, adoption, and to tell a few bad dad jokes. It’s laugh-out-loud fun in this show.

About the Hosts 

Each week we hope to share a thoughtful moment considering today’s culture and challenging topics from a Biblical perspective. It’s not just another hot-take about a passing hashtag, its honest and transparent conversation with unique perspectives and a little dose of humor.

Mike Colburn

Mike Colburn


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Benjamin Orian


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