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Mike Colburn

Mike Colburn


Mike has a passion for leadership development through the proper study and interpretation of scripture.  He has always challenged the traditional lines of thought when it comes to the Bible and the human interpretation of doctrine and Biblical theology.  Having graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics, you will find his comments and study of scripture to be extremely logic based, as they push the boundaries of traditional and mainstream thinking.

Mike runs a large Financial Services and Leadership Development company with his wife of 17 years, Jennifer Colburn.  Together they love sharing Christ with others through in-depth Bible Study and transformational leadership.

Benjamin Orian

Benjamin Orian


Ben is a highly sought ofter speaker, well known for sharing his passion for Jesus through gripping multimedia presentations. He preached his first sermon when he was 8 years old at  a youth revival in Texas. As a church revitalization and restart expert, Benjamin guided four different churches from plateaued or dying back to vibrant growth. He has hosted his own radio broadcast, planted a church, and traveled internationally presenting on church revitalization, family and marriage enrichment, and Bible prophecy.

Benjamin is currently the lead pastor of the Springdale Adventist Fellowship in Springdale, AR. His wife, Silvia, is a licensed Social Worker and Vocational Rehab Counselor.  Together they seek to offer hope and new meaning for life to everyone they come in contact with.

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