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A Blame Game

The Blame Game, complete with finger-pointing, fault-finding, buck-passing, and pain inflicting, is one of the most destructive human tendencies. When something goes wrong, do you immediately try to figure out who was at fault? In this episode, the guys explore the why of the game, and how we can quit as winners.

Episode 112    |    42 mins

Losing Your Salvation

Losing Your Salvation

Our perspective of Christianity is flavored by our understanding of what God did for us.  When the topic of being saved comes up, we see many difficult questions that cross our minds.  What does it really mean to be saved?  Can a person who has come to Jesus lose...

Old Realities | New Norms

Old Realities | New Norms

As we look back at the last few weeks, what we thought was our normal has been altered into a new reality.  Life changes at a rate that often times we can’t keep up with. How do we embrace these changes without letting them create fear in our lives?  I this episode we...

Welcome to The Thinking Cup

Welcome to The Thinking Cup

We want to welcome you on an audible journey exploring relevant topics, challenging questions, and current events that relate to the Bible.  This isn't your normal Bible conversation.  This is one that will ask the difficult questions and maybe even come to a...

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